COVID-19 Information

The best source of up-to-date information on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in British Columbia is the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC).

If you are concerned about your symptoms, please see the ONLINE COVID19 SELF ASSESSMENT TOOL.

If you need general information about COVID-19 you can call 1-888-COVID-19 or text 604-630-0300. If you are experiencing symptoms you may also contact 811 or contact our office to book a phone call or Telehealth assessment with your family doctor.

We find the daily update by Dr. Bonnie Henry and Adrian Dix on CBC very informative and you can find this online.


We encourage you to practice physical distancing.

All people returning from out of country, including the USA, should self isolate at home for 2 weeks. If you have a medical concern during this time, please phone our office and discuss the best way to proceed with our staff. The BCCDC instructions for self-isolation are here.

Please note that you do not need a sick note if you need to be away from work due to illness or self-isolation.

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