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Image by Cole Freeman
Image by Cole Freeman
Image by Cole Freeman


It is possible that your problem is urgent to you for various reasons, but not medically urgent and the sickest patients come first in medical triage.

Pre-booked Appointments

Some types of in-person appointments need to be scheduled ahead of time and require a longer allotment of time with your physician.  We will not be able to accommodate a lengthier appointment if we have not been notified in advance of these types of concerns.  

Typically, these appointments require up to 30 minutes and would include:


  • Driver's Medical Examinations (this appointment will include form completion as well as a physical assessment with your doctor, some Driver's Medical examinations forms incur a fee for completion).

  • Complete physical examinations 

  • Memory testing

  • Prenatal visits

  • Biopsies & excisions

  • Worksafe BC / Workplace-related accommodation or Return-to-Work Planning

  • Form completion (including Disability Tax Credt/CPP/Veteran's Affairs Canada/ ICBC/Worksafe BC/Physician Statements/or other forms for employers, and forms for third-party Insurance company, etc.)

    **We MUST be notified in advance if your physician has a form to complete during your appointment. Forms will incur a fee for completion.**


Prescription Renewals


Most prescription renewal appointments are done over the phone during Covid.
Please call to make an appointment to have your prescriptions refilled, IN ADVANCE - we appreciate at least two weeks of notice before running out of your medication.

You may however get an emergency prescription from your local friendly pharmacist.
This will give you adequate time to get an appointment.

Missed Appointments

We understand that unexpected incidents can occur and you may not be able to attend your doctor's appointment (either over the telephone, Telehealth video appointment, or in person).  Please advise our office as soon as possible if you cannot attend your scheduled appointment.  If a patient has missed (NO SHOW) two visits they will be sent a warning letter. If a patient has missed (NO SHOW) three visits there will be a NO SHOW fee charged of $50 to the patient and this fee must be paid prior to any new appointment booking. 


Some visits are not covered by MSP and therefore are the patients responsibility for payment.  We follow the British Columbia Medical Association fee schedule when setting fees for privately paid services.  
We can accept cash or cheque payment at this time. 

Fees that are not covered by MSP include:

  • Driver's Medical Examinations (Issued by RoadSafety BC, yellow border form)

  • Missed appointments

  • Liquid nitrogen for cosmetic procedures

  • Transfer of medical records

  • Insurance forms, Employer/Employee Assessment forms, Disability Tax Credit Application forms, Insurance/Extended Medical Benefit Coverage forms & all physician's notes for massage, physiotherapy, chiropractor, orthotics, acupuncture, etc.

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